"Professional Village Pharmacy has always been a very “user friendly” establishment, which also offers a wide variety of compounded formulas that are readily accepted by our pet patients. Our veterinary hospital has had and continues to have a long and positive working relationship. We have found everyone at Professional Village Pharmacy to be genuine, neighborly, compassionate, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. The staff and pharmacists go above and beyond in meeting the needs of their patrons. We highly recommend Professional Village Pharmacy to tend to your regular and special pharmaceutical needs."

-The Doctors and Support Staff of Country Oaks Pet Hospital

"This pharmacy is wonderfully attentive and responsive. I flew into Sacramento from Phoenix and in a panic realized that I'd left my compounded medication at home and could not be without it for the duration of my trip. My home pharmacy, Walgreen's, was unable to help for some reason, so I luckily found Professional Village Pharmacy. I called near closing time and, not only were they willing to help transfer my prescription, they also offered to let me swing by the pharmacist's home to pick up the medicine! I couldn't believe it. I was able to wait until the next day and when I went to the pharmacy, the entire staff greeted me with waves and smiles, I guess having worked together as a team to take care of this, and I felt so taken care of. Thank you Professional Village Pharmacy!"

-The Absent-Minded Traveller

"The staff at Professional Village Pharmacy are friendly, helpful, and yes, professional. They always go the extra mile to make things happen for us. I recently received some medical advice from one of the pharmacists that was extremely helpful. I can't recommend their services more."

-Jeff and Karen L.

"A great mom and pop shop! Extremely nice and friendly staff. They were very accommodating and the pharmacy is beautiful inside."

-Asia D.

"Do you remember the days of true "customer service:? Well if you do, it's here at Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy and if you don't, you are in for a really big treat! The words "customer service" were born here. These days, you are lucky to get a few extra minutes from your physician let alone your pharmacist. Have you ever had a pharmacist work with you, your Dr. or both of you to try and come up with a combination of medicines that could possibly help you? Well, you will at this little Gem of a pharmacy! Barbara, the pharmacist works really hard helping you to find some kind of relief for your ailment. It may be trial and error a couple of times but, who could ask for any more than that!? I live within 5 minutes of a compounding pharmacy and I have driven 40 minutes to deal with Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy. What do you have to loose? Afraid to finally find something help yourself get better? Try it, you will be more than pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone."

-Suzan H.

"Family owned pharmacies are kind of like travel agents and local stores- they're getting wiped out by Wal-mart and Target so it's one of those services you use or you lose. I needed something specially made for my daughter and my Rite Aid referred me to them. They were so nice and helpful that I switched over my prescriptions to Village Pharmacy, even though they didn't need to be compounded. They'll order anything for me and one time something had to be rushed (which I think cost them money but don't know for sure) and they were really nice about it and I didn't have to pay extra."

-Carrie A.

"AMAZING!!!!! My premature son was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his gut and he was in a lot of pain. His doctor's office called me at 4:45pm and stated that his RX was not covered by his insurance and that she could only find one compound pharmacy and it was in Sacramento. I live in Davis but told her that I would be willing to drive anywhere so my son could get some type of comfort. She gave me the number to Professional Village Pharmacy but stated that they could not fill the RX until the next day. I then called PVP, the staff was amazing and told me that they were not only able to give me a discount on this RX but that they would do their best to have it ready by 6pm when they closed. I called back at 5:35pm and it was ready. I told them that I would be driving from Davis and John, the pharmacist said it would be no problem and he would stay after hours until I got there. Not only was he there, but he was there with a smile. I don't think he will ever know just how appreciative I truly am. No other pharmacy would do that. Thank you so much!!!!!"

-Rebecca S.

"This is a special place for me. I have been going to this pharmacy since I was a kid. Things have not changed at all. Still great and friendly service. I would never even think of getting my medicine anywhere else. It is too important to me that it be done right."

-Jennifer J.

"For 15 years I have had the pleasure of my scripts filled here. The generous information about medical questions and concerns from Barbara and John has proved invaluable. The entire staff are wonderful and friendly. They always go above and beyond. I will never go anywhere else for my prescriptions."

-Sharon P.

"We have enjoyed a working relationship with Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy that spans almost 20 years. Their customer service is excellent, offering quality products that can be trusted. The pharmacists and staff offer helpful product information and advice that increases our relationship with our clients and their pets. The pharmacists and support staff are knowledgeable and proficient in the products they compound and services they provide. We look forward to another twenty years of expert care and friendly customer service with Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy."

-The Doctors and Support Staff of Watt Avenue Pet Hospital

"We have been using the services of Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy for at least 18 years now. We have been and continue to be very pleased with their work. They do a great job of educating our clients and our staff members with patient and painstaking dialogue. Their prices are very competitive and the customer service is outstanding."

-Laura Hart, D.V.M. Reagor Pet Hospital