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Men's Health - What is andropause or male menopause?

For men, Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be very helpful in addressing health concerns that affect men of all ages. When your hormones are out of balance it can have a powerful negative impact on your life, health, and sexual ability. Hormones impact many areas including your mood, metabolism, and sexual and reproductive functions. Compounded hormone replacement therapy can help you to feel like yourself again.The most common problems hormone replacement therapy can assist with are erectile dysfunction, low libido, loss of zest for life, prostate and bladder health issues, aches and pains, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot or jock itch, hair loss, excessive sweating, chronic bad breath, and aging skin.

The most common hormone problem for men is loss of testosterone. In studies lack of testosterone commonly manifests as decreased libido, lower muscle mass, loss of strength and stamina, impotence, osteoporosis, heart disease, sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. Commonly termed “andropause” or “male menopause” these symptoms are related to a decrease in the body's level of testosterone with a corresponding increase in estrogen. Testosterone supplementation allows you to restore your body’s natural balance and make you feel more like yourself.

Each man is different and your unique needs cannot be met with a one size fits all solution. A pharmacist that specializes in chemical compounding can work with you and your doctor to provide you the unique compound to meet your body’s specific needs. By custom tailoring your prescription to your individual hormone needs we can help your body’s hormone levels to return to their normal state and get you back to enjoying life.

What are some signs of the symptoms of andropause?

  • Fatigue

  • Lack of sex drive

  • Depression

  • Aches and pains

  • Decreased strength and endurance

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)

  • Hot flashes

  • Osteoporosis

  • Obesity

  • Muscle loss

What can I do?

We provide bioidentical hormone replacement for men in Sacramento. Contact our pharmacy to find how what can be done.

Regular exercise and a good diet are essential as well as a good form of stress reduction. If these are not enough then Hormone Replacement Therapy might be an option. Hormone Replacement Therapy may help reverse some of the negative effects of low testosterone. Bio-Identical testosterone is the same molecular structure and might produce the same effects as the free form of testosterone produced by the testes.


Women's Health - What is menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) When your hormones are out of balance it can have a powerful negative impact on your life and health. Hormones impact many areas including your mood, metabolism, and sexual and reproductive functions. Compounded hormone replacement therapy can help to restore balance and make you feel like yourself again. HRT therapy is most commonly prescribed to women experiencing menopause to help ease their symptoms, but can also be used to help a variety of other conditions. These conditions may include Premenstrual syndrome (PMS),to treat an irregular menstrual cycle, moodiness, infertility, postpartum depression, weight gain, endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, painful sexual intercourse, and vaginal dryness.

While these conditions affect millions of women each woman’s body is unique. Compounding allows your doctor to tailor your prescription to your unique individual needs, dosage requirements, and delivery form for best results. By taking advantage of modern compounding techniques we can best deliver hormones that closely match the exact structure of natural hormones in the human body.

A compounding pharmacists can provide hormone evaluations for patients to fill out, and will be able to work with your healthcare provider to interpret the results of hormone tests. By working together the patient, healthcare provider, and compounding pharmacists will be able to provide you the exact amount of specific hormones your body needs. This can be vital in helping the patient to timely start and maintain a hormone replacement regimen that brings the patient's hormones back into balance. By mimicking the body's normal hormone levels the individual patient is able to feel normal again. By working closely with you and your doctor we can continue to monitor and adjust the hormone levels and dosage to ensure everything is right for your body.


How do I know if I am in menopause

1. Subjective Signs of Menopause:

  • Hot flashes

  • Night sweats

  • Mood change

  • Depression

  • Minor anxiety

  • Mental fogginess

  • Forgetfulness

  • Difficulty falling asleep

  • Temperature swings

  • Day-long fatigue

  • Reduced stamina

  • Dry eyes, skin, and vagina

  • Loss of skin radiance

  • Weight gain

  • Increased back and joint pain

  • Headaches and migraines

2. Laboratory Tests to Confirm Deficiency.

3. Pelvic Ultrasound.